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At Blue, we have several practice areas where you can flourish. Choose the area that best matches your interests and watch your career soar.

Provide Peace of Mind

Audit & Assurance

Conduct audits to help companies understand their financial landscape. With this knowledge, we can serve as advisors and identify opportunities for our clients that can transform their businesses.

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Tax Returns & More


In this role, you’ll complete tax returns for private individuals or businesses and complete multiple types of filings. Positions include staff accountant or senior accountant.

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Forecast Growth

Valuation & Advisory Services

As a business valuation consultant or business advisor, you’ll help individuals understand the overall value of their business and the various factors that help drive this value as well as consulting on potential opportunities for the business.

Business Advisory

Improve Revenue Cycles

Healthcare Consulting

In this role, you’ll help hospitals and healthcare systems get paid faster by examining their revenue cycles and making improvements. You can help clarify regulations or changes in reimbursement policies. Positions include healthcare reimbursement manager or healthcare reimbursement consultant.

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Join Our Internal Team

Blue Internal Services

As a member of the Blue staff, you can take part in roles that help our company thrive. Find a position in internal marketing, IT, people experience team, recruiting, and more.

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Become an Expert


Looking for something industry-specific? Find an accounting position in the following industries:

  • Agribusiness
  • Beverage
  • Construction
  • Equine
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Closely Held Businesses

Find Your Fit

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We meet you where you are in your career and help you find the right path forward.

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We want to create a unique career path for you because when your needs are met, you’re better equipped to handle the needs of our clients. Ready to join a workplace that values your successes both inside and outside of work?