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We take your development seriously because at Blue we don't want you to just do well. We want you to thrive.

Building Core Competencies

Unlock Your Full Potential with Talent Development

At Blue, we believe that continuous learning and development is key to achieving personal and professional growth, and we are committed to supporting our employees on this journey.

That's why we provide a variety of training and development programs to our employees, ranging from on-the-job coaching to leadership development programs. 

Core Leadership Competencies

Here is what we believe successful leadership looks like at Blue.

  • Leadership, Communication & Social Skills

    Able to influence, inspire, and motivate others to achieve results. Able to articulate and exchange relevant information with appropriate delivery.

  • Critical Thinking & Decision Making Skills

    Able to ask effective questions, interpret information, link data, and leverage knowledge to draw conclusions for effective problem-solving and decision-making. 

  • Client Service & Advisory Skill Development

    Able to utilize business acumen and intelligence when consulting with clients by integrating a holistic approach to client service.

  • Technical & Digital Upskilling

    Understand, interpret, and integrate new technologies. Able to interpret and provide a broader context using financial and nonfinancial information.

  • Business Development Skills

    Able to improve personal effectiveness and confidence in business development related activities such as creating meaningful business development plans, expanding client relationships, etc.

For Future Managers

About Bridges

Bridges is a leadership program for future managers at Blue. This 12-month program features 9 communication sessions that focus on developing the skills needed to transform an employee from being an individual team member to a future leader.


total employees who graduated
from the bridges programs


of bridges graduates have
been promoted to Manager

For New Managers

About Pathways

The PATHWAYS program has been designed to educate new managers on management fundamentals expected at Blue. The program content is developed to support Blue’s Core Learning competencies.


graduates from the
pathways programs


of 2023 participants said they
felt the program was valuable

for Managers & Senior Managers

About Building Leaders

Building Leaders is Blue's award-winning, advanced leadership program for Managers and Senior Managers. This extensive 18-month long program was created to develop the non-technical skills of future leaders in our organization. 


graduates from the
building leaders programs


of the building leaders graduates
are now Directors at Blue

for experienced leaders & everyone in between

About ULead

ULead is a new development program launching in 2023 and will teach best practices in leadership development. This program is ideal for experienced leaders in the firm who are seeking additional development opportunities or those who do not quite fit the career stage required for our other programs.

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for directors & C-Suite

About Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations is a new executive development program geared towards improving team development, coaching, conversations, and feedback. This program is currently only available at the director and C-suite level. In the fall of 2023, Crucial Conversations will also be offered to Senior Managers as part of the ULEAD program.

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for coaches & others

Other Development Programs

The opportunities don’t end with these programs!
For those interested in additional development opportunities with less of a time commitment, explore some of our other development options.

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Learning & Development in Action

  • "Being selected to participate in the Building Leaders program was a great honor for me; however, what I did not realize was just how important this program is to Blue. Not only did the program benefit me personally by developing my communication, critical thinking and leadership skills, but Building Leaders allowed me to gain an understanding of the Firm’s offices and industry groups that would not have otherwise been possible. This understanding of Blue is vital and  key to the development of our future Directors and the ongoing success of the Firm."

    Jeff Moffatt
    Senior Manager Jeff Moffatt - headshot
  • "Blue’s Building Leaders experience allowed me to discover the leadership that lies within me! The program ignited me to take power and ownership over my career and clearly define the essence of my legacy. Did I need this program? Absolutely. Does Blue need this program? Most certainly. More importantly, do you need this program? Undoubtedly."

    Michelle Trowell
    Director headshot - Michelle Trowell
  • "The most important takeaway from the Building Leaders program is the opportunity to develop deeper relationships with colleagues and Directors from other offices. These relationships allow for the sharing of best practices in client service, business development and team management. Participants are also given more insight into the overall Firm: what has been done before, where we are today, and the vision for the future. Taken together, these big picture takeaways help to create a greater sense of purpose in becoming one Firm, and in performing our day-to-day responsibilities."

    Jennifer Miloszewski
    Director Jennifer Miloszewski_square headshot
  • "This program has been both an incredible challenge and also very enlightening. The amount of information I learned about the Firm, my leadership abilities, and my future co-leaders was priceless. Throughout the program, I was challenged with multiple projects that pushed me outside my comfort zone, but those opportunities led to growth, both personally and professionally. The program was an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience."

    Eric Jaske
    Director Eric Jaske - headshot

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