Vision to Venture: AR Specialist Takes on a Courageous Next Chapter

Jun 10, 2024 2:07:52 PM Entrepreneurship

Posted By: Sam Crist

Jacqueline Smith is an Accounts Receivable Specialist on the Firm Administration team at Blue. Outside of the office, Jacqueline has another passion – writing children’s literature inspired by her grandbabies.

In this interview, learn about Jacqueline’s journey as an author, where she derives her inspiration, and how her work family has supported her every step of the way.

How It All Began

Jacqueline began her career with Blue nearly ten years ago. Five years in, she found her second calling in life as a faith-based children's author.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer and would jot things down from time to time,” said Smith, “But when my husband and I became empty-nesters, I thought, you know, it’s kind of a good time to pick that up.”

So, pick it up, she did.

“My grandchildren really inspired me when they were born,” she said, “I just want to pour so much into them. I want them to have the mindset that they can do [anything]. That they can be unstoppable.”

Jacqueline's Work

Smith’s first book, The Rainbow and Ryleigh, follows the story of Ryleigh, named after Smith’s oldest granddaughter, as she learns the biblical story of Noah and the Ark, and how rainbows were meant to symbolize the promise of God’s love. The book was originally released on February 1, 2019, on Amazon and has since been the subject of several songs.

“I’m glad I gained the courage to write my first book,” said Smith. “Because that was the biggest thing, right? To be courageous. To get the courage to say, ‘Hey, these are my thoughts’ and write all that down on paper. [Since I wrote my first book], so many people I know have ventured out as well – either writing books, or writing songs, or becoming recording artists. It’s been a blessing within itself.”

Smith’s newest book, Ten Thousand Kisses to Heaven, is slated to be released during the Summer of 2024. This book was inspired by Smith’s cousin who lost her battle with cancer a few years ago. When she decided to draft the book, she created a series of characters who lost their loved ones to help children understand the grieving process.

What's to Come

“I've got one more book to write called Ms. Reign Boots and it’s for my second granddaughter,” she said, smiling. “When I had finished The Rainbow and Ryleigh, she was like, ‘Meema, I'm going to need a book too.’”

Smith says Ms. Reign Boots will be her third children’s book.

But that’s not all she’s got planned for her future.

Smith hopes to begin working on her first novel, before exploring another passion of hers – developing a personal care line using all-natural products.

Jacqueline's Life at Blue & Co.

Smith currently works as an Accounts Receivable Specialist at Blue & Co., where she manages Client Collections. Smith said the skills she has gained as an author managing tight deadlines and details have created good habits that have served her well in her role at Blue.

“Blue has just been so supportive from start to finish,” said Smith, “I think one of the things that really helps is the work-life balance. I’m blessed to have a job where after I go home, I can commit to working on whatever projects I have.”

Jacqueline Smith 6
Director Michelle Trowell introduces Jacqueline Smith at her first book release party, hosted by her friends at Blue.
Jacqueline Smith 3-1
Blue & Co. team members there to support Jacqueline, including Learning and Development Officer, Jan Green, who hosted the event.
Jacqueline Smith 5
Jacqueline signing copies of her book, The Rainbow & Ryleigh.
Jacqueline Smith 4
Blue & Co. team members listening to Jacqueline speak about her book.

Beyond that, Smith credits her friends at Blue for offering her guidance throughout her writing process.

“They have encouraged me, critiqued me, and Jan Green even hosted my first book release,” she said, “The friendships I have made at Blue are heartfelt and appreciated.”

For more information on Jacquline’s children’s books, please visit her website.

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