Blue & Co. Named a Best Place to Work in Indiana for 15th Year

Apr 2, 2024 1:51:23 PM Indiana Offices Awards Life at Blue

Posted By: Skylar Wooden

Blue & Co. is proud to announce that we have been named as one of Indiana's Best Places to Work for 2024. This makes Blue's 15th year of recognition for fostering a culture that make employees proud to be part of our team.

While we receive feedback from our employees' surveys to ensure that we are doing everything we can to improve, we also received several answers to "What do you love about Blue?" that we are excited to share.

Indiana Employees' Responses to "What Do You Love About Blue?"

The Culture

"I’m so thankful to work at Blue. The people here support me as a whole person: I feel seen as a colleague, mother, friend, and human being! I try to do my part to maintain this top-notch culture at Blue." - Theresa W., Indianapolis, IN

“Blue has allowed me the opportunity to pursue my passions and has provided unwavering support for those pursuits throughout my entire 10+ years. I am so proud to work here for so many reasons including the Blue Foundation, our DE&I efforts, and our overall entrepreneurial mindset. I’ve said this before and I’ll KEEP saying it… here at Blue, we’re more than just a firm; we’re a family.” - Dustin B., Indianapolis, IN

"I love working for a company that places such an emphasis on their employees' personal growth." - Avery G., Indianapolis, IN

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The Flexible Work Environment

"I love the fact that Blue has flexible hours, as long as you complete your required hours/goals for that week. You can shape your week for family and friends, the Blue way!" - Talib T., Carmel, IN

"I am new to Blue, and I love it so far. The teamwork is fantastic and the variety of work I do every day I love. I am in the admin area. I work for two locations, and I really love that also. Plus, being able to have business casual/casual dress code is so nice to. Not dressing up every single day is a relief. Loving Blue!!" - Stacia C., Seymour, IN

The People

“If you work for Blue, stay here. If you don’t, come and join us. It’s a scary world out there. - Signed by someone who worked in the scary world for 25 years and is now happily at Blue." - Myriam B., Carmel, IN

"I love that we live out our core values every day. We are responsive, caring advocates for our clients and our teammates!" - Sara J., Columbus, IN

"The people…amazing clients and wonderful coworkers." - Natasha M., Seymour, IN

"I am energized every day by the people I work with, and admire and value their client focus, forward thinking and enthusiasm!" - Kimberly B., Carmel, IN

Thank You to Our Employees for Making Blue One of the Best Places to Work

We are proud to have been recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana for fifteen years, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue the trend in years to come. Thank you to all of our employees, as they are the foundation of a supportive, people-first culture.

About Best Places to Work in Indiana

Best Places to Work in Indiana is a list of the best places to work in the state created by Workforce Research Group. This list identifies companies in Indiana that have exemplified a workplace culture that makes their employees proud to be part of the team. Placements are given based on employees' responses to surveys that cover items related to the workplace experience. 

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