Blue Foundation Announces 2023 Scholarship Recipients

Nov 20, 2023 10:06:00 AM blue-foundation campus awards

Posted By: Sam Crist

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Blue & Co., LLC is excited to announce that the Blue Foundation has selected 20 recipients for its 2023 Blue Foundation Scholarship.

"The Blue Foundation is extremely excited to participate in the ongoing educational journey with this year's winners," said Kam McQuay, president of the Blue Foundation. "These students represent over 14 colleges and universities throughout the Midwest. As a Foundation, we are honored to associate ourselves with such talented and gifted individuals, and to work with both the scholastic institutions and the business community as we look forward to the future of our profession. Congratulations to all our winners!"

The Blue Foundation offers this scholarship to students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher, are upcoming sophomores, juniors, seniors, or graduate students in accredited colleges or universities in Ohio, Indiana, or Kentucky. Students must be pursuing a bachelor's or graduate degree in accounting or a related field.
Congratulations to all who were selected!
Jiya Alcorn Matthew Pullman
William Brock IV Ryan Rivera
Kaylyn Cooper Elise Scrogham
Kiersten Hendricks Emmanuel Tabugbo
Alex Hoeppner Anna Thompson
Payne Johnson Ashton Tidwell
Nyla Laird Trevor Tiemeyer
Andy Molique Kathryn Tuma
Jonathan Neuwirth Zeanna Ward
Gabrielle Piasky Emily Whitehead


About the Blue Foundation

The Blue Foundation was created in January 2020 by employees at Blue with the simple purpose of making a positive and meaningful impact in our local communities.

Today, the Blue Foundation gives our employees a platform to unite and act within their communities, allowing us to truly live our values of being responsive and caring advocates.

There are three different grant programs supported by the Blue Foundation:

  • Individual Needs – assisting persons or individuals in need during a difficult time/situation
  • Partnership Path – working with other nonprofit organizations or groups of individuals in providing support for a larger cause
  • Foundation Projects – providing in-need students with scholarship dollars to aid in furthering their education

These varying programs allow the Blue Foundation to be intentional in the grants they are providing; some meeting and solving short-term problems while others are supporting larger, more long-term causes.

To learn more about the Blue Foundation, click here.


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