From Intern to Staff: Sydney Settle Enjoys Comradery at Blue

Nov 13, 2023 9:00:00 AM Campus Career Journey Internship

Posted By: Ryan McClain

Blue & Co Staff Accountant Sydney Settle smiles on a remote call

Sydney Settle is a full-time remote staff accountant focusing on tax from the Louisville office.

Settle joined Blue as an intern during the COVID-19 pandemic and has been through many changes in the work environment, but has benefitted from Blue’s flexible work options. Settle commends Blue's comradery during the Summer Leadership Program, coaching program during her internship, and flexibility to work remotely as factors that made her accept her full-time offer with Blue.

 Read Blue's conversation with Sydney below:

Blue & Co. (Blue)

How did you first get involved in interning and working for Blue?

Sydney Settle (S.S.)

So when I accepted my first internship two years ago, I did the summer leadership program and it was actually online then because that was back during COVID time. Even online, you could tell that there was so much comradery between the directors and staff and everyone involved. And they also really emphasize the growth potential in Blue, and that's something I really valued.


Did you intern with any other companies?


Blue was the only company I interned with. I was a senior getting my bachelor's degree when I started, and then I did that part-time and then I had a second internship when I was getting my master's, and then I started full-time the August after that.


That’s awesome!

What are some of the most valuable things you learned while interning with Blue?


I think something that Blue does really well with their interns is that they have a coaching program. So, you have someone who is just your mentor and they can check in on you, give you feedback, and it's just a great person to ask questions to and get connected to. And I really enjoyed having that. And seeing taxes in person at your job is so much different than in school. So, it's really great experience to kind of take what you learn in school and what's in the professional world and just bind it together.


What advice would you give new interns like your younger self?


I think I would tell my younger self to make sure to write everything I learned down. And any review comment I get, make sure to write it down because I have a notebook actually from two internships ago that I still use to this day every time I need something. So, make sure to ask your questions and write everything you learned down and also just make connections with your fellow interns and staff.


That is some great advice.

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about your internship experience that lead you to working at Blue?


One thing that I want to brag on about my internship is how flexible they were with me. I was a full-time student, both internships I had, and I was still able to get all my schoolwork done and go to all my classes and Blue let me work around that school schedule. That was really important to me when I was looking for an internship.

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