Intern Insider: Abigail Watson Finds Her Fit at Blue

Jul 7, 2023 3:30:00 PM Campus Career Journey Internship

Posted By: Ryan McClain

Intern Abigail Watson standing in front of 'Blue' sign in Indianapolis office

Abigail Watson is an intern from Marian University, working in Blue's Indianapolis office. Watson admits she is thankful to have interned with Blue because of its friendly and fun atmosphere. This made it an easy transition for her to enter her first professional work environment.

At first, Watson joined as an audit intern, but after some challenges, her coaches turned her toward tax. Abigail proudly proclaims her love for tax and is on the journey to become a CPA after she graduates college and joins Blue after receiving a full-time job offer during her internship.

Check out the transcript from a recent interview with Abigail below:

Blue & Co. (Blue)

During your two years, what skills have you learned or developed?

Abigail Watson (A.W.)

I've learned a lot more [about] communication and professionalism. Just being able to have information contact with clients has helped me become more professional, I think.


How did your internship at Blue align with your career goals and aspirations?


At first, I wanted to be an auditor, but I actually couldn't do the full-time audit. So, they were like, "Oh, you'd be great at tax, you'll be great with the team." And as soon as I started doing the tax internship, I fell in love with tax and wanted to become a CPA.


Can you expand on falling in love with tax? I feel like sometimes tax has like... people are scared of it.


I know people get scared of it, but I'm learning how they manage their business and I just love having the balance sheet tie up and it's just fun for the numbers side of things.


What was your overall impression of Blue's culture and work environment?


I really liked how Blue a lot more fun than I expected. I actually can connect with people on a personal level and not just be strictly work. Like Annie who's my coach, we have great conversations every morning, so I just love coming in to see my team and have great conversations with them.

For the for-profit team, my supervisor was Jill and our relationship is fun. We goof around with each other. That's just how our relationship is. And then she gives me great feedback throughout like what I need to improve on and helps me prioritize everything.


Would you recommend this internship to a friend?


I have recommended it to people. I always recommend it to my professors like, "Hey, if your students are looking for internships, give them my email or contact me.”


Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience with Blue or your experience during your internship?


Last year at my mid-performance review, I got a job offer, which they don't really do, especially at the mid-performance review. So that just made me really excited and amped up for growing here at Blue. So, I'm very excited to start as a full-time tax staff member.

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