Intern Insider: Aidan Newett Learns Accounting Hands-On

Sep 11, 2023 9:00:00 AM Campus Career Journey Internship

Posted By: Ryan McClain

Blue intern Aidan Newett poses for a photo in front of artwork in the Indianapolis office

Aidan Newett is an intern at Blue & Co.'s Indianapolis office from Franklin College.

Newett was excited that he was able to work directly with clients and complete tasks of a first-year staff accountant as soon as he started his internship. He was surprised the internship taught him more about organization and time management than he thought he already knew.

Aidan was able to work out his school schedule so that he could work his internship full-time, giving this college junior an immersive experience of what his accounting future could entail.

Since our interview with Newett, he received a job offer for a full-time staff accountant position at Blue which he accepted.

Read the transcript from our chat with Aidan below:

Blue & Co. (Blue)

How does your internship with Blue align with your career goals and aspirations?

Aidan Newett (A.N.)

I really enjoy problem solving, and with the variety of different clients, it really helps [to have] a new problem with each one. Not in a bad way, but it allows me to try something new and almost get out of my comfort zone.


Are there any skills that you've either learned or developed during your time at Blue?


Shockingly, one thing I didn't know I was going to learn is time management and organization. There's just so many different work papers and clients that it's really important just to keep everything organized.


How does your internship with Blue differ from other internships that you've had?


I think Blue really focuses on the intern's right to succeed. I think they really focus on giving you the most opportunity. They treat you as a full-time staff rather than just an intern who go gets coffee, like you hear all the time. So being able to be treated like you actually are full-time staff and have the responsibilities like that, helps really us grow.


What is your overall impression of blue's culture and work environment?


I really enjoy it. Everyone here has been super helpful, and they know how to have fun outside of work. Being able to keep that work/life balance was something super important to me.


Would you recommend this internship to a friend?


I would. I think if you're going into accounting, this is a place where you can really learn and grow the most. It's not too big, it's not too small, you still have the opportunity to make the connections and really just learn the most about the accounting field.

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