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Participants from the Pathways Development Program Participating in a Team Building Exercise | Award-Winning Talent Development Programs

At Blue, we take your learning and development seriously. That's why we have created award-winning talent development programs for every step of your career. 

For recently promoted managers, we offer a development course called Pathways.

“In this program, we teach all sorts of different kinds of management skills and leadership skills, as well,” said Jan Green, Talent and Development Officer. “It really sets the foundation for what it takes to be a leader here at Blue.”

Jan Green and Nancy Rife work to untangle cords for a team-building exercise during Pathways | Award-Winning Talent Development Programs
Jan Green, Talent Development Officer (left), and Nancy Rife, HR Officer (right) work to untangle cords for the team-building exercise at Pathways.

There are two major aspects covered in the Pathways program: management and leadership. New managers learn the policies, procedures and administrative responsibilities that are required of managers at Blue. Managers also have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and learn how to help their teams increase effectiveness, engagement, and strengthen their communication skills.

“The Pathways program has really taught me a lot about leadership styles, how we can manage other people, how we can get the most out of our team in a day-to-day scenario,” said Andy Arnold, a tax manager in Blue’s Cincinnati office.

“I definitely think that the Pathways training that I got is going to help me be a better leader, but also a better mentor,” said Mattie Doran, a marketing manager in Blue’s Indianapolis office. “I definitely have some things that I can take away and work on with my team starting tomorrow.”

Arnold agreed that many of the tools he was given in Pathways can be utilized as soon as he returns to his team. “How to talk to our employees, how to delegate work, time management skills; I know what we learned is going to be applied as soon as we get back into the office,” he said.

The most important thing for new managers, according to Jan Green, is the confidence in the areas of understanding, awareness, and leadership that they gain in the program. “We really invest a lot in those individuals who take on leadership roles because that role is so critical to so many individuals’ success.”

About Talent Development at Blue

At Blue, we believe that continuous learning and development is key to achieving personal and professional growth, and we are committed to supporting our employees on this journey.

That's why we provide a variety of training and development programs to our employees, ranging from on-the-job coaching to leadership development programs.

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To learn more about these award-winning programs and what our employees have to say about them, visit our Talent Development page.


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