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May 30, 2024 9:37:54 AM Campus Internship Summer Leadership Program

Posted By: Skylar Wooden

Andrew Swisher is an Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) graduate, studying accounting and finance. Andrew completed his first internship with our tax team in Indianapolis, Indiana. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.  

Andrew’s Background 

An Indianapolis native, Andrew graduated from the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI in December of 2023 with a degree in accounting and finance. While searching for his next step, Andrew reached out to Blue & Co. to explore our career opportunities. He was first invited to our Jumpstart Summer Leadership Program. After attending the program and making valuable connections with current staff, Andrew landed an internship on Blue’s Tax Team in the Indianapolis, Indiana, office.   

“I found that Jumpstart was not only a great way to network with like-minded future accountants, but also a chance to flex your team-building and problem-solving skills,” said Swisher,  

“I took that opportunity to make an impression on Blue’s staff. I was thrilled when I got the internship offer!” 

An Average Day as a Tax Intern 

Though the day-to-day work varies, each day of our internships are structured to include hands-on client work where interns can get a feel for what it’s like to work in that role.  

For the tax team, the daily work changes significantly depending on the time of year. At the beginning of fall, for example, it is focused primarily on business returns, a task that builds bookkeeping skills. However, as it gets closer to April’s tax season, interns begin working on individual returns that develop their general tax knowledge.  

“I typically get to the office early in the morning so that my coworkers and I can have friendly chats before getting to our desks to settle into work, Swisher added.  

“Once I’m settled in, I begin by combing through my assignments and selecting a return to work on. I then comb through the client’s documents to formulate a return using our convenient accounting software. Before pushing it forward to my coaches for review, I make sure to ask questions, getting constructive feedback to improve my skill set. I then send it for review and start on my next return! Each one teaches me something I didn’t know and can use to help clients in the future.” 

Our internship program provides students and recent graduates with the insight they need to determine if a career in public accounting is right for them. Many interns find that the social component helps them identify whether Blue is a culture fit for them as well. 

“My favorite parts of the day, though, are the opportunities I get to connect with the team.  

“From the lunch breaks we have in our cafeteria, to even just asking questions about returns, the tax team here has been incredibly open and friendly. It makes me feel relaxed, knowing that everything doesn’t have to be so formal between everyone in the office.” 

How the Internship Shaped His Career 

Throughout the internship, tax interns experience the different elements of tax accounting, taking the theoretical work they did in the classroom and applying it to real-life examples.  

“I’ve found the transition from academia to in-field work to be almost night and day,” Swisher explained.  

“Where schoolwork feels as though you’re working only for a grade, working with Blue has motivated me to work hard for our clients. The firm makes it clear that accounting is more than just sitting behind a desk and moving spreadsheets around. Rather, it is an opportunity to serve and support local businesses and families, which has given me a profound sense of purpose in my work. 

“I feel incredibly lucky to be a member of the Blue & Co. team. The Indianapolis office is a welcoming environment with an amazing, talented tax team. I look forward to coming into the office every day and working my hardest, which is something I can’t say I felt when I was still in school.” 

We are happy to share that after completing this internship, Andrew was offered another internship at Blue on our Business Valuation Team.  

About the Jumpstart Summer Leadership Program 

Jumpstart is a two-day retreat designed for students to build relationships with peers and get to know the Blue team. This program is a great way to get a feel for Blue as an employer and explore the accounting industry as a career option.  

You can learn more about Jumpstart here on our Careers site.  

About Blue & Co. Internships 

Blue offers paid, three-month internships year-round. This is a fantastic opportunity to start gaining career experience while completing your degree so that you can dive right into your first job post-college.  

Internships are held Monday through Friday in spring, summer, and fall. The hours and length of each internship position is dependent on whether the role is part- or full-time and the time of year—with summer internship typically lasting 90 days, and spring and fall internships lasting 120 days. 

Interested in learning more? View open positions on our Careers site or reach out with any questions you may have. 

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