Two Directors Named Finalists for the Indiana CPA Society’s 2023 Visionary Award

Dec 21, 2023 3:15:28 PM indiana-offices awards

Posted By: Sam Crist

Sara Jacobi and Shannon Borden headshots

Blue & Co. is proud to share that Sara Jacobi and Shannon Borden were finalists for the Indiana CPA Society’s 2023 Visionary Award!

Honoring transformative individuals, the Visionary Award recognizes those who address the needs of the future. This includes implementing activities, processes or programs designed to address future issues or needs of their organization.

“For Sara’s nomination I was barely able to scratch the surface of why she was deserving of this award,” said Jill Moore, CPA and Senior Tax Manager, “Her involvement in our pipeline of recruiting — specifically how she empowers interns at Blue & Co. to succeed — has been absolutely invaluable.”

Jacobi became an intern at Blue & Co. in 1995 and, in 2020, became the first female Chairperson of the company’s Executive Committee. Because of her own journey at the firm, Sara is passionate about supporting and inspiring interns. She has added an incredible energy to our recruitment process, making sure to nurture those important employee relationships, and adding to the vision of what the firm can be in the decades to come.

Borden has made her impact on the firm with her leadership and her focus on the not-for-profit (NPF) industry. She has been focused on developing key NPF niches for the company and has facilitated focused growth initiatives, best practices, and thought leadership across her team and the organization. According to her nomination form, her team says her genuine and authentic care as a leader has left a lasting impression on so many individuals, setting up the next generation of leaders for success.

“Shannon’s ability to lead our teams with confidence, grace, humility, and vision makes her one of the most outstanding leaders I have ever encountered,” said Andrew Brock, CPA and Audit Senior Manager, “[I consider it a] privilege to work under and alongside her.”

Those who know our firm, know that we are always looking ahead — and visionaries like Sara and Shannon are exceptional examples of that. Our Managing Director, Brad Shaw, has also seen firsthand how valuable they have been to our company’s growth.

“On behalf of the directorship and our firm, we are thrilled about Sara and Shannon’s nomination for the INCPA’s Visionary Award,” said Shaw, “Not only are they incredible leaders who have contributed to the tremendous growth of our organization, but they are true embodiments of the Blue & Co. values of being responsive, caring advocates. This recognition is a testament to Blue's award-winning culture that is based on collaboration and innovation.”

We look forward to seeing how Sara and Shannon continue to leave their mark on Blue & Co.’s future.

About the Indiana CPA Society

The Indiana CPA Society is a professional accounting association representing CPAs and accounting professionals. It serves as an advocate for the profession, meeting the needs of its membership through education, public awareness, government relations, and promotion of high ethical standards. 

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